MIXED_DAD_SONaPLAY (Parenting, Learning, And Youth) Group

The MASC PLAY group provides families with educational and social activities in Southern California. Children develop self-esteem in their multiracial background through play and interaction with their multiracial peers. They learn they have a place in a larger community of multiracial people by observing a diversity of multiracial families.

Parents also benefit by gaining support through social interaction.  Shared experiences provide insight into their child’s development and validation/suggestions for their parenting skills.

Program highlights:

  • Annual beach picnic
  • Picnics in the park
  • Seasonal events
  • Museum visits

Upcoming Events:

  • Noah’s Ark Playdate at Skirball Center: May 19, 2018 at 10 a.m.

Past events and activities included:

  • Family Event at the Broad
  • MASC Summer Picnic
  • “Noah’s Ark” at Skirball Center
  • Mixed Heritage Day at Dodger Stadium
  • Skirball Noah’s Art Exhibit


“Great event!” — parent from Culver City

“The event was welcoming and informative. We enjoyed meeting everyone. Thanks!” — parent from Los Angeles

“Thank you, we had a great time! The arts and crafts were amazing and the place (Broad museum) is beautiful.” — parent from Culver City

For info on upcoming PLAY Group events:

For more information or to join the Playgroup:

Contact our Parent Liaison at: parent@mascsite.org or visit our Meetup.com site.