A Handbook for Teachers and Parents of Multiracial, Multiethnic, and Transracially Adopted Children

Author: Farzana Nayani

Illustrator: Amanda V. Coronel

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ISBN: 978-0-692-83063-5

Meet Hiro, Isabella, and Lorenzo as we explore multiple heritages in their lives—and the lives of our own children.BEING ALL OF ME, a handbook for teachers and parents, outlines important aspects of identity, development, and reactions to challenging situations that impact our children on a daily basis. How can your transracially-adopted child effectively respond to uncomfortable questions? How can your multiethnic student confidently express her diverse cultural background to others? How can your biracial child be prepared to face new situations at different stages of his growth? What can you, as a parent or teacher, do to reexamine policies that may affect children who have more than one cultural affiliation?

These and other topics are explored in this handbook, which incorporates examples based on the experiences of real families, as well as activities that have been implemented successfully in classrooms and parenting workshops.

Let’s begin the conversation with our children to help them confidently navigate their multiple identities!

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About the Author

Farzana Nayani is a multicultural educator and intercultural trainer who has conducted research, workshops, and curriculum design on cross-cultural topics for two decades. Her published research has focused on family communication patterns and the identity of multiethnic youth, as well as cross-cultural training methods in international management. Farzana was part of the curriculum design team for the Smithsonian Filipino American Curriculum centennial project, and her insights on diversity in the workplace, working with multiracial colleagues, and raising multiethnic children have appeared in Forbes, DiversityInc, LA Parent, and NPR. Of Filipina-Pakistani background, Farzana lives in Los Angeles with her German-Malaysian husband and their two active and loving multiethnic sons.

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