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MASC is eager to enlist volunteers to help.  In fact, MASC is almost entirely run by volunteer involvement.

A successful volunteer relationship is dependent on the alignment of several factors:

  • YOUR INTERESTS: MASC will not ask someone to perform a task for which they do not have a true interest.
  • YOUR SKILLS/TALENTS: We will not ask someone to perform a task for which they are not qualified.  While we respect the desire of volunteers to use their volunteer time with us to expand their skills, we cannot guarantee training beyond necessary orientation to MASC procedures and mission.
  • MASC NEEDS: We will not create a volunteer opportunity that does not meet MASC’s mission.
  • YOUR TIME and OUR TIME: Volunteer activities must match the time volunteers have available with the time in which MASC needs a task to be completed.


Would you like to get involved?  Then please contact us by answering the following questions:

  • What is your interest in MASC?
  • What special skills or abilities do you have?  Please attach a resume if available.
  • What length of time are you interested in committing? For example, one hour a week for six months.


When you are ready, please e-mail with “Volunteer Interest” in the subject line.

For long-term volunteer commitments, consider interning with us on a special project or program that interests you.

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