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Fiscal Sponsorship

MASC Provides Fiscal Sponsorship

Do you have an exciting program to service the multiracial community?

Are you hoping to raise tax deductible donations to fund your program?

Do you plan to get started right away?

Fiscal Sponsorship may be the answer for you.

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship is when a non-profit corporation allows programs to operate under the banner of its non-profit status.  The program is thus able to accept tax deductible donations (within the limits of the law) while the non-profit corporation ensures that the program operates within non-profit laws and accounting practices.  Programs must substantially meet MASC’s mission to serve the multiracial community that includes mixed race people, interracial couples and families, and transracially adoptive families.

Fiscal Sponsorship is controlled through a contractual relationship between the corporation and the program manager.  A small portion of all revenue is withheld by the corporation to cover legal, accounting and liability costs.

To kick-off your fiscal sponsorship program complete a program initiation application.  Read the program initiation policy then submit the completed form for approval.

To request a copy of the approval policy and application send an email to  Exact terms are negotiable.

The MASC Board reserves the right to reject an application that does not meet MASC’s vision or goals.

Some of MASC’s premier fiscally sponsored programs include Mixed Marrow and The Melting Pot by Jason George.

Mixed Marrow

Mixed Marrow seeks to recruit multiracial donors to national marrow donor registry known as Be The Match.

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The Melting Pot is a film project produced by Jason George (from Grey’s Anatomy) to document stories of modern interracial nuptials.