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Multiracial Census Action



The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sets the federal standards for collecting race and ethnicity data by all federal agencies such as the Census Bureau, Department of Education, Department of Justice, etc.  As part of MASC’s advocacy mission we bring issues relevant to the multiracial community, especially events that require action from you!

MASC has reviewed the OMB’s recent request for public comment and have prepared the following response to their most critical questions.  Note the questions have been paraphrased:

How much consideration should be given to the cost and schedule to local, state, and federal governments from implementing the new federal standards?  Should detailed race and ethnicity data collection be encouraged or required?

“The combined race and ethnicity question should be implemented and required with all due haste at all levels. The last change to the standards in 1997 were delayed several years and not implemented consistently across agencies and at all levels of government. Delaying implementation causes a delay in our understanding of our nation’s diversity and delays the ability to enforce civil rights legislation.  The cost to society of delaying these standards is immeasurable and outweighs the cost to government agencies.  The government belongs to the people and this is a wise investment.

We also support the OMB’s efforts to provide guidelines regarding race and ethnicity as social constructs when forming public policy.”

What do we need from you?

Feel free to cut and paste the above statement or write your own and submit to the following site HERE.

To learn more about the comment period please visit the Federal Register HERE.




A comment period has opened with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to express your thoughts on combining the Latino ethnicity question with the racial identity question.  If this change goes through, this will be the first time in US history where Latinos/as of Mixed Ancestry will be able to identify a mixed identity.  The OMB sets standards for the entire federal government to follow, including the Census Bureau, as well as state and local governments and agencies that do business with the federal government.

Please click HERE to access the comment page to leave your comment.  You may cut and paste the text below:

“I support Office and Management and Budget (OMB) standards that combine Latino/Hispanic identity and racial identity as a single question.  This format better reflects the experience of Latinos in our society.  This change will also allow more accurate counts of the Latino and mixed Latino/non-Latino population. This change meets the OMB’s guiding principles including “respecting individual dignity” to further express mixed self-identification that is currently missing.”

You do not have to be mixed Latino to care about mixed Latino identity.  Leave your comment to show your support for all people to have greater freedom to identify.

Almost 20 years ago when this issue was last considered, one of the reasons cited for not allowing mixed Latino and non-Latino identity was lack of comments.  Your comment is important!  Let yourself be heard.

To learn more about the proposed change visit the Federal Register’s website HERE.

To read MASC’s full comment on this proposal click HERE.

To learn more about MASC’s on-going national advocacy click HERE.