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A comment period has opened with the Census Bureau to express your thoughts on combining the Latino ethnicity question with the racial identity question.  If this change goes through, this will be the first time in US history where Latinos/as of Mixed Ancestry will be able to identify a mixed identity.  Please click HERE to learn what you can do.

You do not have to be mixed Latino to care about mixed Latino identity.  Leave your comment to show your support for all people to have greater freedom to identify.

To learn more about the proposed change visit the Census Bureau’s website HERE.

To read MASC’s full comment on this proposal click HERE.


As part of MASC’s advocacy mission we have chosen to promote practical initiatives of importance to the multiracial community. Below you will find position statements that serve this particular purpose.

These position statements have been thoughtfully crafted based on our experience serving the multiracial community for over 25 years.  Among our many achievements, we were instrumental in changing the Census to allow “mark one or more” races.  It is our intent to make these initiatives a reality in the same way.

The multiracial community includes racially mixed people, interracial couples, and transracially adoptive families.

Learn more about the initiatives

To help you learn more about these initiatives and to engage in dialog with MASC about them we have created The Multiracial Advocate blog site. Various dimensions of these initiatives will be explored by contributing writers from MASC and other thought leaders. So be sure to follow this blog and check-in from time-to-time to stay on top of how this movement develops.

Show your support

Ready to join this movement? We have created the Multiracial National Advocacy Survey where you can show your support for each of these issues, all together or individually, and add your name to a growing list of supporters. At the conclusion of the survey you will receive a special badge that you can carry with you to remind yourself of these initiatives and share with friends, family, and all acquaintances.

  • We call upon the Office of Management and Budget to revise standards to allow for mixed Latino and non-Latino identification.


  • We call upon all federal agencies and federally funded agencies, schools, and programs that collect racial demographic information to be in compliance with Office of Management and Budget Directive No. 15.


  • We call upon all corporations (for profit and non-profit) that collect racial demographic information to adopt a methodology that respects multiracial identity.


  • We call upon the California Department of Finance to convene a racially diverse advisory committee, including person(s) of mixed heritage, to review their methodology for tabulating racial demographics.

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