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  • Reminder to vote November 8
  • Color Conversation November 12
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  • Thank you to Call to Action supporters

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

For those of our followers that are fortunate to be citizens of the United States, a momentous time is upon us.  The world is waiting for us to determine our national character.  So many things seem to be wrong in our country, and yet, so many things seem to be going right.  Have we become so cynical that we’re ready to abandon faith in our democracy?  I for one have not.  And for this reason I urge you to go out and vote!  What other time in our society does the millionaire and the pauper have an equal say?  Vote!  When else is it actually true to say there is strength in numbers? Vote!  Don’t be intimidated by anyone trying to stop you.  Vote!  Vote! VOTE! – Thomas Lopez, MASC President